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"Bones From Your Holiday Meal Could Threaten Your Pet's Life"
  This holiday as you push away from the table thinking you may have a future in competitive eating, you notice your canine pal nosing around for treats.
  And warmed by goodness of humanity as well as three glasses of wine, you toss what's left of a turkey leg to your pooch because everyone deserves a treat today.
  Bad idea. Seriously bad idea.
  As the holidays approach, those in the business of caring for pets are asking owners to be sure they are not overcome by generosity, tossing treats to pets that are potentially fatal. Because nothing is a bigger holiday downer than a trip to the emergency vet.
  Poultry bones can easily break and splinter, with slivers lodging in throats. Should those sharp fragments make it to the digestive system, they can puncture the stomach or intestines.
  Think vegetarian meals are safe for digs and cats? Sage and other herbs containing essential oils are hazardous to cats. Other potentially dangerous foods for pets are onions, chocolate and raw bread dough.
  Once table scraps are thrown away, place the trash in an outside receptacle before ambitious pets claw through plastic bags for an after-dinner treat.
  And if you're hosting a large gathering, set aside a quiet place for your pets so they can avoid stress (and that 3-year-old nephew who loves to pull tails). It could be a bedroom at the back of the house, where you might have a radio tuned to cool jazz or another mellow station.

 Information source: From an article found in the Friday 11/20/09 issue of The Arizona Republic newspaper. (Phoenix Living section). Author unknown.

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 The Christmas Season is a wonderful season of warmth, love and holiday cheer. A time of Christmas gifts and family gatherings and wonderful dinners. "Please" let us not forget the less fortunate than ourselves. The homeless, the poor and the critically ill. Please give generously to your local charities and organizations. Please also give to food pantries and kitchens that feed the poor and clothe the homeless as well as shelters for homeless pets (less they not be forgotten). Remember that this is what the Christmas Season is really all about. ("Giving of ones love and self").
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  Every month I will share with you a word with definition or a phrase from the Old English past which is no longer in use today.

~ yule-boys ~
  Boys who ramble the country during the Christmas holidays. They are dressed in white, all but one—the "Beelzebub" of the corps. They have a foolish rhyme they [repeat] and so receive bawbees and pieces [two types of coin].
Information source: — John Mactaggart's Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia, 1824
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