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Here Are Some Facts About The Origin, Use & Personalities Of A Few Of Your Favorite Dog Breeds.
Jack Russell Terrier :
Origin This breed was developed in the last century by an English clergyman, Parson Jack Russell, a great breeder and well-known dog lover.
Personality : Courageous, merry, devoted, obedient.
Uses : Like all small terriers, it has been used for hunting small game in its lair. It was especially appreciated for the ability and rapidity with which it could burrow into even small holes. A rather rare terrier, it has passed into the ranks of the companion dog.

Poodle :
Origin : Its origin is controversial: was it developed in France, Germany, Denmark, or the ancient Piedmont? In any event, it is certain that the poodle is descended from a now nearly extinct French water dog, the barbet.
Personality : Fundamentally good-natured, most intelligent, bold, cheerful, sensitive, trainable.
Uses : In France, this breed is known as caniche, a name derived from canard (duck), because in the past the poodle was an outstanding retriever of game from marshes, an ability it inherited from its ancestor the barbet,
Due to its attractive personality, its beauty, and its intelligence, however, the poodle quickly passed into the ranks of the companion dog. It has excellent hearing and a noteworthy sense of orientation. More than most other dogs, it can understand the meaning of the spoken word. It is patient during bathing and clipping and loves to play with children. It will not accept, however, heavy-handed training.

Dalmatian :
Origin : There is total disagreement concerning the origin of this breed. It is certainly very ancient, since traces of it are found on Egyptian bas-reliefs and Hellenic friezes. In 1700, a dog known as the Bengal pointer, similar to the Dalmatian, existed in England, calling into question the Dalmatian's Yugoslavian origins.
Personality : Serene, loyal, independent but domesticated, extremely sensitive. It needs human company without which it is likely to become melancholy. It is fond of playing with children. It has an excellent memory and can remember for years any bad treatment it has received.
Uses : In the Middle Ages, it was used as a hound. In the nineteenth century, it became a "carriage dog" and its popularity shot up. It followed its master with exceptional reliability and hardiness whether its master was on foot, on horseback, or in a carriage. Later, it found wide acceptance as a companion dog that could also act as a guard dog. It is clean and neat, avoids puddles, and loves soap and water.

Greyhound :
Origin : This is a very ancient breed. It is probably descended from the Arab greyhound, the Sloughi, which was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians. Over the course of centuries, English breeders have developed a fabulous hunting and racing dog embodying all the needed sporting and moral qualities.
Personality : It is very intelligent, but its character is often undervalued because of its reserved behavior toward its master and toward strangers. It is sensitive, courageous, loyal, aristocratic, vain.
Uses : Its greatest gift is its speed. Centuries ago it was used in the hunting of deer and wild boar; it could catch them and pull them down without stopping. It is also an incorrigible enemy of domestic animals, especially cats and geese. Today, the greyhound is mainly used on racetracks, chasing mechanical rabbits. This sport is especially popular in Anglo-Saxon countries. The greyhound is not adaptable to apartment life. It absolutely requires long runs daily.

 Information source: "Guide To Dogs"  by Gino Pugnetti. Published by Simon & Schuster.


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